Decentralized sewage technology with SBR process!
Small wastewater treatment plants from KLARO

Small sewage treatment plant and purification technology

System KLARO

The tried and tested: a two-stage, fully biological sewage treatment plant using the SBR process. The KLARO system is our “standard plant”. It has been on the market since 2001 and has proven itself a thousand times over. Over the years, we have continuously developed the plant and added additional modules. The particular advantages of the KLARO are its robustness and flexibility.

Structure - Two-stage SBR process

1st stage/chamber:
Sludge storage and buffer

Storage of primary and secondary sludge
Retention of settleable materials and floating materials
Storage of the supply water
Compensation of quantity- and concentration-related fluctuations in wastewater inflow

2nd stage/chamber:
Activated sludge stage in closed accumulation mode (= SBR reactor)

Biological purification with activated sludge
Nitrification and denitrification
Phosphate precipitation (optional)

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